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Poedit 3.3 adds JSON and Flutter support

I’m pleased to announce the release of Poedit 3.3, a major update that adds support for JSON translation files. This new version also includes support for Flutter ARB files and the latest version of the XLIFF standard, XLIFF 2.1, making it an even more versatile tool for translation projects.

Poedit 3.2

Poedit 3 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of Poedit 3, a new major version with many improvements – our biggest release in four years.

🎂 Happy 20th birthday!

Poedit celebrates its 20th birthday today.

Poedit 2.4: Crowdin Reloaded

Poedit received some great improvements from our friends at
Crowdin in this release. Syncing now uses their new, more powerful v2 API and any project files can now be edited in Poedit and uploaded back to Crowdin.

Poedit 2.3

Poedit 2.3 is now available, with improved macOS Catalina compatibility (helps with those annoying prompts) and two new features:

  • Added support for Volt templates used by the popular Phalcon framework. Under the hood, .twig and .volt files are both treated as the same kind of template by Poedit Pro.

  • Statistics now have an option to exclude HTML markup and placeholders from word and character counts.

The usual assortment of smaller improvements is included as well:

Poedit 2.2: XLIFF and Dark Mode

Poedit 2.2 adds support for XLIFF files and a new dark mode.

Poedit Pro for Linux

Poedit Pro is now available for Linux as well — download it from Snap Store.