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Poedit 2.1 greatly improves pre-translation

Poedit’s latest version, 2.1, is all about pre-translation and TM improvements. You can now import and export your translation memory as TMX files; plurals are supported too.

Most notably, online suggestions hugely improve machine translation in 2.1. And I mean hugely — you’ll see the difference right away after you update to the new version. This quality upgrade is completely free for everybody that already has a Poedit Pro 2 license.

2.1 also introduces a new, higher tier of machine translation in the form of the optional Pro+ subscription. When enabled, Poedit will use Google Translate or DeepL for machine translation, instead of the standard provider.

Especially DeepL is particularly impressive and translators love it:

How to upgrade to Pro+

If you’d like to upgrade your Pro license to Pro+, you can do it in Preferences → TM → Change Settings inside Poedit. Your original Poedit Pro 2 purchase will be credited towards it, plus there’s an additional lifetime 10% launch discount if bought before August 31.

What happens if I cancel my Pro+ subscription?

It’s a “soft” subscription. If you cancel it, your license will revert back to the standard Pro level. You will still retain access to all Poedit Pro features except the premium machine translation.