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The perfect choice for translating WordPress

The Pro version of Poedit comes with extra smarts: it understands WordPress themes and plugins. Poedit does all the heavy-lifting, handles the tricky details. And you can focus on what matters most: your translations.

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How does it work?

A totally remote workflow

With FTP support, Poedit Pro can log in to your WordPress installation and do all the translation work remotely, so you don't have to download or upload anything. When you’re done, just hit Save to sync your changes.

Or show Poedit where to find the code

Poedit Pro works seamlessly with local code as well if that’s what you prefer, though. Just drop the plugin or theme on it. Poedit Pro will analyse it, find all translatable strings and create a PO file in the right place for you.

Either way, you can start translating right away.

Premium theme and plugin support

I keep an eye on many popular projects to make sure Poedit can handle them well. In a very rare case where the app is unable to read your theme or plugin, I’ll personally fix its code for you a.s.a.p.

Updates are easy

When a plugin or theme gets updated, you don’t lose any translations and there’s no need to repeat the work you’ve already done. Just connect to your server and translate only the few new strings.

You don’t need to speak the lingo

With no prior knowledge of either PO file format, WordPress internals or PHP you’ll be able to jump in and translate all required components. Or only the bits you need.

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“I thoroughly enjoy using Poedit, used it to translate +40K strings for WordPress and WordPress related projects so far.”

Egill Erlendsson, Automattic

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“Poedit is pretty cheap and has such gnarly WordPress integration. Comes highly recommended!”

Richard Sweeney, The Shipyard

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Poedit Pro

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