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Poedit 3.3 adds JSON and Flutter support

I’m pleased to announce the release of Poedit 3.3, a major update that adds support for JSON translation files. This new version also includes support for Flutter ARB files and the latest version of the XLIFF standard, XLIFF 2.1, making it an even more versatile tool for translation projects.


With this new release, users can now use the same editor not only for Gettext and XLIFF files, but also for the increasingly popular JSON translation files. Commonly used by web and mobile frameworks, JSON is now a first-class citizen in Poedit. The ability to translate these files directly in Poedit can save users time and streamline their workflow.

A notable example of a framework that uses JSON for localization is Flutter. Flutter is a popular open-source framework for mobile app development, and its built-in support for internationalization and localization makes it a great choice for developers who want to create multilingual applications. Flutter uses the ARB format for localization, which is essentially a JSON file with additional metadata – and Poedit 3.3 supports it out of the box.

Replacing source text with reference translations

In addition to these new file format capabilities, Poedit 3.3 also includes the ability to replace source text with another translation. This is particularly useful when a file uses only symbolic IDs for the source text instead of real human-readable text.

With this feature, users can now load English – or any other language – as a replacement source text and translate from it. All advanced features such as pre-translation or QA checks, work transparently with the replacement source. This feature isn’t limited to files with symbolic IDs and can be used to change the language pair to a more convenient one.