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Poedit 3 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of Poedit 3, a new major version with many improvements – our biggest release in four years.

What’s New

macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Poedit 3 comes with full support for macOS 11 Big Sur and runs natively on Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.

Modernized user interface

Poedit’s UI was updated thorough with many enhancements:

  • A completely reworked welcome screen with quick access to recently opened files
  • Entirely new source code occurrences viewers rewritten from the grounds up, with syntax highlighting for virtually all programming languages
  • Source and translation string length indicators in the editing area
  • Automatic reloading of files modified outside of Poedit
  • New application icon on Windows

The new Terminology tab in Poedit’s sidebar provides a quick way to check consistency of your translation. You can search previous translations within the file or even your entire translation memory. You can create a personal glossary too.

Smart placeholders in pre-translation

Machine translation is now much smarter about recognizing special-syntax placeholders in the text and preserving them in the translation unmodified.

More customization

Customizable file extensions: change file extension mappings in Translation → Properties to e.g. treat .html files as Twig templates.

Configurable quality checks: you can now disable categories that are not helpful for your use, or ignore false positives on specific strings.


WordPress FTP access now supports Gutenberg and JSON translation files and automatically creates the necessary files when you upload translations.

Upgrading to Poedit 3

Poedit Pro 3 is a paid upgrade. If you have an active Pro+ subscription or purchased Poedit Pro on or after November 12, 2020, your license was already upgraded for free. If you have an older license, you can upgrade it with a significant discount.

Poedit’s free version remains free in the same extent as before.

New Updates Model

Up until now, Poedit used the traditional model of infrequent major paid updates (the last one was four years ago!). This forced us to hold back features until a new major version, which was frustrating for everybody.

So we’re trying something else with Poedit 3: features will be released when they’re ready and you decide if and when to pay for an update.

A Poedit Pro license now includes one year of free updates and one year of machine translation. After the year, you can continue using the older version indefinitely, or you can renew the license when it suits you — whether that’s right away or after a few years is up to you. And if you have a Pro+ “soft” subscription, nothing changes: all updates are included and if you cancel the subscription, you still retain a working license, only without machine translation and updates.